Vitra sas was founded in 1994 by the experience of maestro Marco Fasolato who took part in two Venice art biennials with his Venezia Vetro.

The maestro Alessandro Padoan has developed glass fusion products using both Murano glass and top quality Venetian artistic glass made and made entirely by hand and totally in Italy, exactly in Marcon, Venice.

The Vitra does not mix the Made in Italy, let alone the assembly, everything is done respecting the rules and the criteria of the good quality and seriousness that distinguishes us and characteristic of the Venetian glass art.

Our products

Our vast ranges range from furnishing items to costume jewelery, from stained glass windows to artistic glass windows. The products can also be personalized using silk-screen printing or “masks” made by our collaborator Laura, who, attentive to details, creates the logo as it is.

All strictly by hand!

Vitra for each product produced delivers its certification of the Made in Italy product to guarantee its image and seriousness and in compliance with the canons of Venetian glass art.

Always attentive to the international market and its continuous changes, the company is available to the customer for the creation of new items that reflect the reference market.

In addition, the company collaborates with architects and designers, as well as major producers of furniture and kitchen triveneto.

Respecting the environment, Vitra is the latest investment, and has a photovoltaic system for the self-production of electricity, the first glassworks in Venice that uses renewable sources to protect the environment.

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